Lunch call Podcast #6: Telecommuting and Telemedicine

Our next installment of “Tele-law” will be next Wednesday, March 25 at noon EDT.   Our society has already been  moving  toward both work and medicine being performed remotely.  Present circumstances now mean there is no choice. Even when the current situation ends, there is going to be a lot more telecommuting and telemedicine.   So let’s prepare together and discuss for twenty minutes what GA law has to say about these two areas.

Lunch Call Podcast #5: How GA Workers’ Comp relates to the ADA and FMLA

When an employee is hurt on the job, there is often more to consider than just the workers’ compensation claim. On this lunch call we discuss the intersection of workers’ compensation claims with possible ADA and FMLA claims and how to navigate each.

Lunch Call Podcast #4: What Judges Want

While it’s true that few cases actually go to trial, prepping every case as if it will go to trial gives you the best chance for a win at dismissal, a win at trial or the best settlement possible. Jennifer Smith and Tyler Jones go over what you need to know to prepare every case as if it’s going to trial with insights into the judges and what they have found works with specific examples of cases they’ve taken to court.

Lunch Call Podcast #3: Taking a Claimant’s statement

Jennifer Smith explains how to take an Effective Claimant Statement – for Employers and Adjusters

Lunch Call Podcast #2: The WC-240

Alissa Atkins explains everything there is to know about the WC-240

Lunch Call Podcast #1: The WC-1

In less than 20 minutes, learn how to properly complete the First Report of Injury. Intended for employers and TPAs.